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You all know how I love my fashion. As a child I lived in these shoes. Pink, blue, green, yellow. Name a colour I had them. Recently I have gotten back In to them and I purchased these. I’m gonna do a look book soon including these. Comment below what kind of looks you want to see. These retail for ยฃ55. But vans where doing a deal and if you have UNiDAYS you can get an extra 10%.


The most beautiful clutch you will ever see

OMG!!! recently this little beauty got added to my collection and can we take a minute and appreciate how fucking beautiful it is. Ted Baker made this clutch and it’s a little pricey and a little small but holy shit it’s up my street big time. It’s glam af. It’s extra af. So basically it’s me. This bag retails for ยฃ129 which is a lot of money I appreciate that but I thought I would share this beauty with you ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ let me know your thoughts ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ there are some photos over on my insta megbblogs!!!

Happy new year everyone!!

It’s 2018 where has the time gone. Last year I achieved so much. I fucking left school! I completed my GCSES! Started college! Went on some pretty incredible adventures. Last year I was blessed, I got so many special opportunities and I was just so lucky!! I wish you all the best for the new year and really hope you make the most of it!!! I look forward to sharing my adventures, make up and life with you in 2018!!!!! Follow my Instagram for a more personal vibe with me. I post every single day. Happy new year to everyone ๐Ÿฅ‚๐ŸŽŠ

Urban Decay Optical Illusion Primer: REVIEW

Spent more money, none of you will be shocked. I have been on the hunt for a new primer for some time now. I try anything that you guys recommend. The last primer i had was Benfit porefessional. Anyway Lets get started.

The packaging

IMG_1749.jpgThe primer comes in this purple case. Typical Urban Decay with this beautiful purple. The box is really smooth. Its nothing special at the end of the day ย its just a box, i throw them away as soon as i get them but i understand that some people like to see this.




Packaging of the product

IMG_1761.jpgI actually think this product packaging is rather beautiful. Its this beautiful nude pink, with a silver lid and a silver bottom. This is one of my favourite packaging for a product i would say, i just think it is so beautiful. The writing is silver and bold and to be honest with you the packaging was what made me purchase this. As i was shopping i had seen loads of different primers and i haven’t heard much about any, so i made my judgment on packaging. Also can we just appreciate how cool the name is.



The product

IMG_1763.jpgWhat the site says . . .

“Ready for your most perfected-looking skin? You can instantly blur flaws and smooth out your skin with Optical Illusion Complexion Primer. This pore minimizing primer reduces fine lines and makes pores almost vanish โ€” for a gorgeous, porcelain-like texture. Makeup not only goes on better, but also lasts longer.This velvety soft, mattifying primer has a slight pink tint to illuminate skin pre-makeup, but dries down to a translucent, matte finish. Like the name suggests, Optical Illusion Complexion Primer creates an optical veil of scattered light, giving skin a soft-focus effect. The result? A beautiful, airbrushed finish (no Photoshop skills necessary!) Our easy formula provides just enough glide to fill in lines for a smoothed-out complexion, and it dries down to the perfect powdery finish.”ย 

My thoughts . . .

The product is the most beautiful pink. It feels tacky but not uncomfortable to wear. It works well with all foundations. It retails at ยฃ23 which is okay for a primer. I do think the price could be lowered but its not ridiculous. It works better when you use your fingers to apply – i say this as i know many people who use brushes for this process. Does it make your make up last? Yes it does. I used this without a setting spray and it lasted well so never mind if you used a setting spray. If your looking to purchase this product its actually sold out on the Urban Decay official website. BUT if you look on debenhams website or Space N K or house of Fraser when i looked the product was still in stock.

Would i recommend it?

No i wouldn’t. There is nothing wrong with the product, it works, its good but i would say its a must have in the collection. If you have a bit of cash and you feel like buying something that works then this is up your street. But there are primers that work equally as good as this one, it doesn’t stand out to me.


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When i went to Spain

Hello everyone!! Im back. I haven’t written a post in so long and thats because i have been on holiday in Spain. Well a Spanish island. I stayed on a canary island called Tenerife. How many of you have been there?

Its a beautiful place and a fantastic holiday. Those of you who follow me on instagram or have me on snapchat would have seen my daily vlogs and travel photos.

I was away for 10 days. Most of the time i was relaxing by the pool. But there where some interesting days,funny storys and some tips i would like to share.

I went too a waterpark!! There not everyones cup of tea but i love them. Siam Park is the europes biggest and best water park. I went on loads of slides and had a great day. If any of you have been to florida its a bit like Typhoon Lagoon. I WENT ON A SLIDE!! AND IT WENT THROUGH A SHARK AQUARIUM! I shit myself! The only reason i ended up going down the slide was because there where to many stairs and the slide was the fastest way to the ground. If any of you want too see what i went on type in on youtube siam park tower if power.ย If any of you like these exciting days out and are about the island i highly recommend checking out siam park. One thing i didnt do and something i would recommend to somone else to do is to get the fast pass ticket. Its only 15 euros more and its a lot better than standing in the heat for hours to go on a ride that lasts 3 minutes!

Another trip i went on was the free bird!! Its a boat trip for 4 hours and it includes food,drink, music!!! ANDDD… you get to see whales and dolphins. Those of you that know me know i LOVEE animals. This was a great day out, i was just sad i couldn’t get any photos and only got videos which i can not upload on to here. But the whales are massive and there are loads of them and the dolphins are beautiful. You will always be able to see the whales but seeing the dolphins are rare but a wonderful experience.

The final trip was a evening show. It was FANTASTIC. There where a talented group what didn’t only sing but they preformed musical numbers. Again food and drink where included. But it was a fantastic night.

Fantastic holiday with great company! Add me on snapchat – meg24b and follow me on instagram meg.ann___ to join me on my adventures.

Here are some of my photos:


Thankyou so much for the love and i will be back to regular posts ๐Ÿ™‚

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Muchas gracias

High Brow Benefit : REVIEW

I went to my local debenhams and purchased the high brow pencil by benefit cosmetics. A few recommendations where given to me so i wanted to get down to the real deal.

SO here i am.


It come in this bright cartoon box, like all the benefit products. It wasn’t anything crazy or different but it does the job of keeping the product sealed.


The actual pencil is silver with a mirror lid. If you know Benefit cosmetics you will know most of there products are like this so it fits in quite nicely AND has the name of the product in PINK which is a massive bonus.




I think the packaging is gorgeous. 10/10







What the site says :

This luminous eyebrow highlighter pencil gives you an instant eye-opening WOW! A single stroke of the glowing champagne-pink shade under arches instantly illuminates & gives a lifted look. Signature Tips & Tricks included!

  • brow bone highlighter pencil
  • NEW smooth, blendable formula
  • luminous finish


My Opinion

21074262_2017803625115926_1869439627_nThe product looks like this when you take the lid of. The pencil has a creamy formula, and is easy to blend. There are 2 different shades. One is glowy and the other on is matte. I went for the matte option because i prefer this look and think it looks gorgeous. Its a really easy product to use and is now apart of my every day make up routine. It prices at ยฃ18.50 and is 100% worth it.



This was my Look of the day:

21076680_2017803641782591_510361124_nย FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIA: INSTAGRAM – MEG.ANN___


Standing on top of London

I have been on another adventure!!

I got given the most amazing opportunity to go up the Walkitalki Building in London. Its Opposite the Shard and has the most amazing view. To get in there are strict security but after that there is a restaurant and great views. I don’t know if its just me but looking at an amazing view always manages to inspire me. It wasn’t to great of weather so if you are going to go i recommend going on a good day as the view will look better. I think London is gorgeous. If ย i could live there i would. Whilst i was there i had some Victoria Sponge and i never thought i would be able to say i was eating cake whilst overlooking London. It was an amazing day out. I think this is a beautiful day out and if you enjoy views i think you should go and book this experience now!!!

Here are some of the photos i got.

me taking selfies obviously.ย 


Lots of Love xo


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