Modern Renaissance Palette REVIEW

Honest Honest Honest.

The modern renaissance Palette.


I waited ages to purchase this palette as every time i tried it was forever sold out. The packaging is a beautiful pink suede. With The name of the palette and the brand Anastasia Beverly Hills Engraved on the top. It has a tag of fabric that helps you open the palette and has a soft noise when you close it. The actual Palette is Black and it comes with a great mirror which is handy for travel. Smoothen i don’t like is that it gets dirty and it hard to clean. My palette is well loved and as you can see from the pictures below the packaging of my palette is dirty.

What Anastasia says about the palette ….. 

“An essential eye shadow collection featuring 14 shades, including neutral and berry tones. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills first permanent palette, Modern Renaissance to create endless looks for daytime and evening.

Highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula
11 matte shades; 3 metallic
Dual-sided soft bristle brush “


My Opinion:

It Has 14 beautiful shades that blend out to be beautiful shadows, some have fallout but i don’t find this too much of a problem. They are quite powdery so if you don’t like that then the formula of this palette isn’t for you. Highly pigmented. I don’t use the brush because i find it difficult to work with so i just use my own out of my collection. The site says it has 3 metallic shades but i disagree i believe there is only 2. The shimmers are beautiful and work lovely with mac fix plus. I highly recommend this palette i use it on a day to day basis. I personally think its worth the price. Its £41 but i promise you will get a lot of use if you like the colours and it will last a long time. A must have.  Its a LOVEEEEE.


If you want to see some looks using this palette let me know


Skin care routine FULL OUT

I want to start of by saying i don’t do this on a daily basis!! I only do this once a month or more if i get blemishes. I use the range from the body shop. I have the seaweed collection which works with oily skin. If you have a different skin type you might want to discuss what collection would be recommended for you in the shop.

First –


I wash my face using warm water. (dont be shocked)


I do the first cleanse using the simple face wash and rinse it off with warm water.



Then i cleanse my face again using the same product. This is called the superficialcleanse.



I apply the seaweed clay mask. This balances out the oil on your face. Wait until its solidand the rinse of using warm water. 20815221_2013587098870912_769961561_n



Get a cotton pad and the sea weed toner or a toner of your choice and just wipe all over you face. Add more product in the T zone as this is where someone with oily skin would be most oily.



Use a moisturiser of your choice and massage this in tothe pours and all over your20863923_2013587092204246_57026210_n face.


Looking after your skin is so important, especially if you wear lots of make up like myself. Ways to have better,clearer skin:

  • Drink lots of water.
  • Use a moisturiser then primer before applying make up.
  • Cleanse,tone and moisturise every night.
  • Try to avoid using wipes.
  • Get lots of sleep.
  • Healthy Diet

I hope you enjoyed the short routine. Tell me your skin care tips and tricks and your favourite products. I enjoy trying new skin care so leave comments below x

Get ready with me

I love Party’s! The time when everyone gets together and everyone is happy.

I had a Party and everyone loved it!! People always assume to throw a great party you need to spend loads of money and hire a hall or send your parents away to have the house! I done none of this.

I took advantage of the weather! I used the garden. I had a gazebo(which you dont need or could make yourself) I had a speaker, some crisps and some amazing company. My family where there and i made my neighbours aware of the noise what could happen.

Me and my friends had an amazing time. I am so lucky to be in the position that i am in, i have the most amazing friends and a gorgeous boyfriend. I feel so appreciative to have an amazing family that let me do things like this.

My Make up Look


On the eyes/:/ I used the modern renissance palette from Anastasia beverly hills. I am planning on doing a review on this palette so I’m not going to talk to much about it. ( I used the colours  Cyprus Umber and Antique bronze in the crease what i blended using a Kylie Cosmetics blending brush) And on the lid i used ( Primavera a shimmer shade using one end of my urban decay naked 3 brush). I used the zoeva eye liner and the maybelline the falsies mascara. I have false eye lashes that i got from my local asda but i dont remember what they where called.

On the face/:/ I used the Mac studio sculpt SPF 15 foundation (blended using a beauty blender) I have used the Anastasia beverly hills contour kit(light to medium blended using real techniques bold metal brushes) Nars Taos blush.(blended using zoeva blush brush) And i mixed forever young and Glo Glitter from the Nicole Guerrero highlighter palette. I used the Age rewind concealer by maybelline and a bit of the Naked concealer to cover up some spots i have been having recently.

Eye brows/:/ I used my trusty Anastasia beverly hills dip brow in the shade soft brown and used a saphora eyebrow brush.

I was going to use red lipstick which would look really nice with this look but due to eating and drinking i passed on the idea.



I wore this red dress which came from river island.

  • It was £28.
  • Has a woven fabric.
  • A cross back detail.
  • Cami shoulder straps.
  • mini length.

Its a gorgeous red dress and looks lovely with blonde hair and a tan.


For my hair : I separated my hair down the parting which in my case is in the middle. I put my hair it to 2 bunches. Then i  got my babliss curler and curled the bunches quickly. I then took the bunches out and i had loose curls. I the back combed at the roots and sprayed using hairspray.

I wore white sandals that i got from New look a few years ago that has a black block heel. They give me blisters so in the end i wore my slider loafers in the colour silver from Primark.


Here are some photographs from my party!!!



Drugstore product review

This will be a short post!! Quick review.

L’oreal True Match Foundation (shade: ivory) 

For a girl who is used to using higher end foundation like Nars, Dior, Mac etc. I was impressed. On the website it says

New True Match, super blendable foundation.

The new formula contains 3 new shade enhancers for shade matching precision. Skin perfecting pigments and the ultra gliding creamy texture give a homogeneous finish. Even better colour matching, and more luminous and radiant skin than before. Even longer wear and better comfort. All you see is your skin at it’s best.

Honest Opinion : It left my skin looking beautiful, fresh and healthy. It was consistent and lasted a long time. It’s a buildable foundation. Its light also which i loved!! My new favourite foundation. Works well with the studio secrets primer. I used a beauty blender to apply and it looked beautiful, i am sure it would look beautiful with a brush also.


Maybeline The eraser eye concealer 

Again I am used to the urban decay and nars concealer so using this was a different. When i was younger i used to be all about the drug store. I have the shade Light. But it comes in Light,Nude. On the website it says:

Coloured pigments perfect the under-eye area, covering flawlessly. Bye Bye dark circles and fine linesThe formula, enriched with goji berry, helps care for the eye area by hydrating, while covering flawlessly.


Honest Opinion: I love it. I love everything about this concealer, the packaging is amazing and i love the little sponge on the end, its different and fun to use. I applied it under my eyes, on my forehead,down my nose and on my chin, then blended it out using a damp beauty blender. I honestly love this concealer and will be repurchasing it.


None of this is sponsored i genuinely love both of these products and cant think of any bad points about them. I am so happy with my new addition to my make up collection. There extremely beautiful and work well together. I will be buying them both again!!


Also who liked my eyes today :



Leave drugstore loves recommendations down below, I’m up for experimenting with anything

Dont regret ANYTHING

‘Everything happens for a reason’ is something my mum has said my whole life.

Only recently i can say i finally agree. Throughout my childhood i had loads of experiences what i classed as ‘regrets’. I regretted not understanding that my granddad was dying. I regretted going out with a boy in high school. I regretted sleeping in one day until 4 and messing my sleeping pattern up. But honestly i can say none of them are regrets.

Situations can be dreadful. To explain this I’m gonna use a serious topic. I never understood when my granddad was dying due to my age and when it happened i didn’t appreciate time or people. When this heartbreaking event happened it taught me so many lessons about life, about death and i learnt how important it was to appreciate the people you have around me. Sure i wish i was older to understand what was going on and make them last memories but i don’t regret the fact that i didn’t. If that didn’t happen i would still be blind to how important time and people are. Me and my IMG_5241 where best friends. I believe he now shines through my beautiful nan, who i do appreciate and i spend every minute i potentially can with her. Because i had my grandfather sadly pass away at a young age it has helped me develop in to the strong, appreciative person i am.


Think of every ‘regret’ you have and how they have changed you as a person. Sometimes it takes a mistake to learn a lesson. If the mistake was never made you wouldn’t know the lesson. Don’t beat yourself up about the regrets or mistakes it doesn’t matter how serious the regret is or how petty it is, if it didn’t happen you wouldn’t be you.

You beautiful people are made up of good and bad times, you need both to happen to become the people that you are.

Be proud of every moment that has happened in life and just learn. Life is full of learning. Just remember we cant change the past but we can defiantly change the future. I will appreciate every person,opportunity that comes my way.


I felt i needed to post this as i often here people talk about regrets in a negative way. They bring out the positive and who you are!!

Love you all and keep positive


Ambition Ambition Ambition

Everyone always looks at me sees the make up and assumes I’m a ‘typical girl’ whatever that means. When i was at school it never used to bother me. People would say i was popular, and make jokes about myself being blonde and everyone laughed when i chose to do hair and beauty as an option at school.I was never bullied. I had lots of friends and was in a really good place at school. Im not thick either, i was actually really clever when it come to writing things down and working things out. It was all a joke so i didn’t mind.

But what i did mind about is when people used to  ask me ‘Megan what are your plans for the future” and my response is a “range rover” they laugh? I used to question why they laughed and it was because i had no really ambition with what i wanted to do and no clue what my life was going to be.

Well now i have a path and a plan. I have always had a passion for mental health and i love to help people. I love reading peoples stories and seeing how amazing and inspirational these people are, So recently i signed up to be a volunteer. I am now a volunteer for Time To Change. Mental health is something a lot of people choose to ignore but it effects every single one of us and it shouldn’t be ignored. I want to be a str worker (Support Time Recovery worker). I want to help EVERYONE. This job offers help to people in prison, people who are homeless,children etc. When i tell people this is my ambition, they look shocked like when i tell them about my range rover. This is my life, my ambition and its what I’m going to be doing.

A lot of people where shocked with my career choice as they all expected me to stick to the hair and beauty route. Don’t get me wrong i am still going to have a passion for beauty and tell my blog about my favourites and do my make up tutorials but there is so much more to me. Do a career because its what you want to do and don’t let people hold you back. Having an ambition is a really good quality to have. People often laugh at me when i show them the Chanel shoes i want and my range rover. I often get the name ‘Kimmy K’. But honestly speaking if there is something you want in life then work hard and get it. Everyone needs to stop seeing things as ‘impossible’ and start aiming for what they want. People may laugh but whilst there laughing your getting closer to your goal. They might laugh harder, you then have to work harder.

I work hard because theres lots of things i want. I am going to do my best at everything i do and when i have my dream job, my dream car and my dream things i will be laughing as i have the ability to do it and so do you. If you see everything as impossible you won’t work for it. Get rid of the negativity and start working towards your dream. Don’t do the minimum do the maximum. Don’t do a job that you hate just to get by, work your socks of and do something you completely love. If we are working for the rest of our lives we should fucking Love it!!

I belive in everyone, good luck guys! Sorry for the very different post!


When i went to France

France seems like forever ago. You guys seem to really enjoy these travel blogs. I went to France a week after i come back from New York. Me and My best friend are travel buddies we go everywhere together near enough. France is just another one of our adventures. We where there for 8 days and we stayed in a place called Noisy Le Grande. Whilst we was there the weather was amazing and we got to experience some amazing opportunities. We see the Arc de triomph, The Eifell Tower, we rode Bikes around Paris, We did a Skydiving experience, Disney land, Parc Asterix and much more. The trip was full of laughter and we made so many memories. Instead of me explaining how beautiful everything was and what we done i am just going to show you.


Want a good holiday! I strongly recommend spending some time around Paris there is so much to do and its a lot of fun. I love travelling so much.


Meg x