Dont regret ANYTHING

‘Everything happens for a reason’ is something my mum has said my whole life.

Only recently i can say i finally agree. Throughout my childhood i had loads of experiences what i classed as ‘regrets’. I regretted not understanding that my granddad was dying. I regretted going out with a boy in high school. I regretted sleeping in one day until 4 and messing my sleeping pattern up. But honestly i can say none of them are regrets.

Situations can be dreadful. To explain this I’m gonna use a serious topic. I never understood when my granddad was dying due to my age and when it happened i didn’t appreciate time or people. When this heartbreaking event happened it taught me so many lessons about life, about death and i learnt how important it was to appreciate the people you have around me. Sure i wish i was older to understand what was going on and make them last memories but i don’t regret the fact that i didn’t. If that didn’t happen i would still be blind to how important time and people are. Me and my IMG_5241 where best friends. I believe he now shines through my beautiful nan, who i do appreciate and i spend every minute i potentially can with her. Because i had my grandfather sadly pass away at a young age it has helped me develop in to the strong, appreciative person i am.


Think of every ‘regret’ you have and how they have changed you as a person. Sometimes it takes a mistake to learn a lesson. If the mistake was never made you wouldn’t know the lesson. Don’t beat yourself up about the regrets or mistakes it doesn’t matter how serious the regret is or how petty it is, if it didn’t happen you wouldn’t be you.

You beautiful people are made up of good and bad times, you need both to happen to become the people that you are.

Be proud of every moment that has happened in life and just learn. Life is full of learning. Just remember we cant change the past but we can defiantly change the future. I will appreciate every person,opportunity that comes my way.


I felt i needed to post this as i often here people talk about regrets in a negative way. They bring out the positive and who you are!!

Love you all and keep positive



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