Ambition Ambition Ambition

Everyone always looks at me sees the make up and assumes I’m a ‘typical girl’ whatever that means. When i was at school it never used to bother me. People would say i was popular, and make jokes about myself being blonde and everyone laughed when i chose to do hair and beauty as an option at school.I was never bullied. I had lots of friends and was in a really good place at school. Im not thick either, i was actually really clever when it come to writing things down and working things out. It was all a joke so i didn’t mind.

But what i did mind about is when people used to  ask me ‘Megan what are your plans for the future” and my response is a “range rover” they laugh? I used to question why they laughed and it was because i had no really ambition with what i wanted to do and no clue what my life was going to be.

Well now i have a path and a plan. I have always had a passion for mental health and i love to help people. I love reading peoples stories and seeing how amazing and inspirational these people are, So recently i signed up to be a volunteer. I am now a volunteer for Time To Change. Mental health is something a lot of people choose to ignore but it effects every single one of us and it shouldn’t be ignored. I want to be a str worker (Support Time Recovery worker). I want to help EVERYONE. This job offers help to people in prison, people who are homeless,children etc. When i tell people this is my ambition, they look shocked like when i tell them about my range rover. This is my life, my ambition and its what I’m going to be doing.

A lot of people where shocked with my career choice as they all expected me to stick to the hair and beauty route. Don’t get me wrong i am still going to have a passion for beauty and tell my blog about my favourites and do my make up tutorials but there is so much more to me. Do a career because its what you want to do and don’t let people hold you back. Having an ambition is a really good quality to have. People often laugh at me when i show them the Chanel shoes i want and my range rover. I often get the name ‘Kimmy K’. But honestly speaking if there is something you want in life then work hard and get it. Everyone needs to stop seeing things as ‘impossible’ and start aiming for what they want. People may laugh but whilst there laughing your getting closer to your goal. They might laugh harder, you then have to work harder.

I work hard because theres lots of things i want. I am going to do my best at everything i do and when i have my dream job, my dream car and my dream things i will be laughing as i have the ability to do it and so do you. If you see everything as impossible you won’t work for it. Get rid of the negativity and start working towards your dream. Don’t do the minimum do the maximum. Don’t do a job that you hate just to get by, work your socks of and do something you completely love. If we are working for the rest of our lives we should fucking Love it!!

I belive in everyone, good luck guys! Sorry for the very different post!



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