When i went to France

France seems like forever ago. You guys seem to really enjoy these travel blogs. I went to France a week after i come back from New York. Me and My best friend are travel buddies we go everywhere together near enough. France is just another one of our adventures. We where there for 8 days and we stayed in a place called Noisy Le Grande. Whilst we was there the weather was amazing and we got to experience some amazing opportunities. We see the Arc de triomph, The Eifell Tower, we rode Bikes around Paris, We did a Skydiving experience, Disney land, Parc Asterix and much more. The trip was full of laughter and we made so many memories. Instead of me explaining how beautiful everything was and what we done i am just going to show you.


Want a good holiday! I strongly recommend spending some time around Paris there is so much to do and its a lot of fun. I love travelling so much.


Meg x


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