My Kylie Cosmetics Review

Hey Guys It has been ages.

I was on my laptop a few weeks ago and i ended up ordering way to much make up of Kylie Cosmetics. I am obsessed with her and this brand but i am here to show you what i ordered if you want to know what i think about theese products and my opinion comment down below and i will make a video on it. I love all the products, i am really getting back in to make up and i am ready to start experimenting. I haven’t tried all the brushes but 2 that i tried i am raving about i think they are awesome!!! I love love love them. Please comment down below what you want to see x

You can find all these products on


Collage_Fotor 1 


Collage_Fotor 1111Collage_Fotor 11111Collage_Fotor 1111111Collage_Fotor brushesCollage_Fotor highlight


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