So here are some photos from my evening in Wells. It’s so beautiful and cute I love it. & this beautiful little girl showed me how to hold a crab🤩


How to Revise for exams. Experience and advice.

Exam time is coming up once again GCSE, A levels or just work exams. These tips apply to all.

Me personally.. it takes me a while to understand things. Notes and reading books just don’t go in. In these tips i am going to be brutally honest with you with what helped me in my GCSE’s last year.

  1. Dont start to early but also don’t leave it to late.

What i mean by this is don’t start at the start of year 11 as what happens is you eventually get bored and don’t take the knowledge in when you need to. This doesn’t apply to everyone but certainly applies to me. But also DO NOT leave it to late. You want to well prepared for all your exams.

2. Don’t stress out.

Exams are hard and i am not going to tell you they are not but the key thing is don’t stress. Have confidence in yourself. If you spend the weeks leading up to your exams worrying your gonna waste time. I promise you that you can do it.

3. Trust your instinct. 

This means DONT change your answer unless you are 100% certain that it is wrong because usually your first answer was correct.

I read a lot of ‘eat healthy, sleep well and listen to music with no lyrics’. Sleep well yes as you don’t want to be doing an exam sleepy as you will loose marks for silly mistakes and you do not want that! Other than that make it fun!

When i revise i listen to my Spotify playlist on a speaker, it doesn’t distract me there for it isn’t an issue.

Some of the ways i prepared for an exam where:

  • I spent lots of nights after school, in an environment where i knew nothing could distract me.
  • I stuck post stick notes all around my room ( mirrors, hairspray cans etc) with just words or phrases that i needed to remember. I found this helpful with english quotes and science!!!
  • Take breaks.. just because its exam time it doesn’t mean you need to give up your life! it means priorities. Spend time doing revision then  go out or do something fun then come back and do more. You will realise you begin to take more in.
  • This final tip is piss easy. Practice! Do mock sheets online to familiarise yourself with the questions, get family members to ask you questions, even revise with your friends.


Make the whole process something to remember! When i done my GCSE’s it was honestly the best time at school. You have so much free time and everyone is so close your teachers will be nice to you, just enjoy it!

Do the best that you can do and no one can be angry!!

A massive good luck to you all!

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My cousin got married as you all know by now! And if you don’t follow my Instagram then here are the photos and what went down…

We will start right from the morning so this was my outfit.

My hair was done by the wonderful @thestudiohaircompany and my outfit,shoes and bag are all from @Tedbaker. I got my tan and nails done by @karlahyam and my lashes done by this women who lives near me!

My cousin looked beautiful! Her dress was stunning and all it done was sparkle😭 watching this women who played dolls with me and done my makeup walk down the isle and exchange her vows was defiantly an emotional moment for me! Never the lesss lets get to the fun bit.. The party😉

We arrived at Pentney Abbey and ate a 3 course meal! I had salted beef, chicken and a lemon tart! Afterwards it was time to hit the dance floor!!!


My cousin had her first dance to can you feel the love tonight by Elton john which was actually amazing it was a proper routine even though she says it wasn’t rehearsed😉

Then we all danced for the rest of the night! After many many many glasses of wine a few shots and whatever else I got given I became quite confident and ended up singing a lot and I stood in glass😭😭

Never the less it was the best night ever me,Abi, Jordan, Jane and Eden didn’t leave that Dance floor once and personally I think we made a record or some shit!

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I am so proud👰🏼

GUESS WHAT? My cousin is getting married in 6 Days😱

Being the youngest is tough as your the last to do everything and you have high expectations but you get to go to lots of parties and weddings. So like I said my cousin is getting married in 6 days!!

On the 7th April 2018 my cousin will no longer be a Smith or a Miss and I am beyond proud.

I remember the days she would plait my hair do my make up and I would walk around her room in heels. Where has the time gone. Seeing your brothers and cousins move onwards and upwards in life is a truly beautiful feeling and I’m so lucky to be apart of this special day! Without a doubt my cousin is going to make a really beautiful bride and it’s going to be a lovely day!

I am so so proud of you!!👰🏼

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We’re talking about maybelline.

Can I just say Maybelline have been bloody killing it with everything.

I got given a gift set for my birthday called sweet cheeks, it come with a strobing cream, a contour duo stick and a blush kit. I’m here to tell you that this product is a bloody god send. The whole kit retails at £24.99 or you can buy each product individually.

Maybelline strobing cream

New Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter enhances features as if defined with light” you can see by the photos I have inserted that this is bloody beautiful! It’s blinding and it’s so creamy and comfortable! I really love this and can’t wait to use it again!! Retails for £7.99

Contour Duo

I was so so excited when I got this! I have wanted to try a contour kit in a stick form for so long! I actually love this product! Again it’s so creamy and affordable and looks stunning on!! This retails for £8.00 and you get 14g of product 😍

Master blush colour kit

Recently I have been enjoying wearing blush so when I see Maybelline made this palette I was super excited! These have a creamy texture to them also, they are all super pigmented and they come with a highlighter too! Maybelline do different blush palletes to achieve different looks I can’t wait to collect them all! I will be putting one of these in my giveaway as I just think it is beautiful! These retail for £12.99

So basically what I am saying is Maybelline are my go to brand at the moment. First the foundation, then the liquid lipstick now this! I am shook. If you want to see more photos or more of me follow my Instagram account @shotsofmb and my twitter @Bar2403.

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How I passed my theory first time and my expirience🚗

On the 24th of March 2018 I turned 17 and took my theory driving test… If you don’t know what a theory test is, it’s a computer test which consists of 50 multiple choice questions and 14 video clips, this is called a hazard perception test.

> To pass you need 43 out of 50 on the multiple choice and 44 out of 75 on the hazard perception. Each hazard perception clip you can score up to 5 points.

My test was at 8am but it was crucial to be there 15 minutes before hand!! The man in my test centre was a straight up arse hole but then there is a women who is lovely and helps you understand what you are needed to do! SO i got there and put my phone and water in a locker. I then went through to a room and sat at a computer. Every computer has a board between them so you can’t cheat by looking at someone else’s answers. I started the test and I got 57 minutes to answer my 50 multiple choice questions! I personally didn’t need all this time but I recommend you use it and not rush! Make sure you read the questions and all the answers before clicking anything! A little tip if you don’t know the answer pull the question apart to gain an understanding!!! I then moved on to the hazard perception, I am naturally quite good at this due to myself being paranoid in cars anyway! What I done was I clicked every potential hazard and then clicked again when a hazard arose. BE CAREFUL DOING THIS BECAUSE IF YOU CLICK TO MANY TIMES OR IN A PATTERN AS YOU WILL SCORE 0. After this you have the option to trial questions and leave feedback which I skipped as I couldn’t wait to find out my result!!

After you are happy with your test you leave the room and collect your results from the front desk from THE ARSE HOLE man again! At this point I was pretty fucking happy and realised this was the best birthday ever!!! I had a fab day and was so proud😄

I couldn’t wait to tell my mum, dad and friends! My dad put it on the radio which was rather embarrassing but he was so proud as none of my family knew that I was taking it which made it 10 times more exciting!!

Some tips on revision;

> Read the Hazard Perception book (100% worth the time)

> Purchase the 4 in 1 app, it completely prepares you for the exam and some of the questions I had in the exam where on the app!

> Actually put effort and time in to it as I promise you it will pay back!!

> The week before the exam do mock tests none stop!!!

I wish you all the luck for your theory exams and I hope this helps!! Don’t be nervous and you will kill it 🎊🚗 Stay safe🚗

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Marc Jacobs Primer

So this is the Marc Jacobs primer. It’s packaging is fucking gorgeous.

I am no makeup beauty guru I’m here to write about my experience with this product.

This screenshot tells you what the site says about this primer. I would normally insert this but my phone won’t allow me to do this today so I took a screenshot instead.

Here are my thoughts –

The packaging is fucking gorgeous. I can’t say anything bad about it. It’s heavy and classy and makes your vanity look stunning. The actual product is good. You get a decent amount (30ml) and it goes a long long way. I’m guessing it’s supposed to smell like coconuts but personally I think it smells like Bakewell tarts. It’s a tacky primer which I personally love and it’s very moisturising. It’s a white/clear colour which again I love in a primer. It retails for £32 which is $44. I purchased mine from John Lewis where the women was extremely helpful. But I honestly do love this I think it’s an amazing product and really does work with any foundation.

PS- if you dont know what a Bakewell tart is here is a photo.

Let me know your thoughts if you have this, or leave any suggestions on products you want me to try.